Glass top for tables

Tables are very present in our lives, they have a wide influence on decoration and work.

Tables that have a glass top provide modernity and elegance, being able to have multiple shapes from square, rectangular to round or oval.

Another very common use of glass on tables is to use glass to protect the table, in this way the table retains all its beauty and the protective glass prevents the table from deteriorating with use.

When the glass is cut to the desired size, the sharp edges remain and it is very easy to cut yourself, to avoid this you should always choose polished edges that, in addition to preventing the glass from being sharp, provide an impeccable finish.

The glasses for tables allow you to fully adapt to the table you need, being able to define the blunt tips with the desired diameter to provide a smoother finish on the tips.


Protective glass for table, Monolithic glass of 5 mm transparent

Glass tabletop, glass is the only tabletop element, transparent 10mm Monolithic Glass.

Pallet table glass, 5 + 5 mm transparent laminated glass, 5 mm transparent Monolithic Glass.

Whenever it is a commercial premises, office, store, a safety glass must be put, 5 mm tempered glass for table protection glass, 10 mm tempered glass or 5 + 5 mm laminated glass for glass tops.

In Vidres Web you will find multiple combinations, colors, finished thicknesses, but if you do not find what you are looking for or need help to choose the most suitable glass for your application, do not hesitate to contact us at

You can also buy the most suitable cut-to-size glass, be it laminated glass, monolithic glass, and tempered glass, to place on tables as you need.

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