Applications: Glass Blackboard

Glass blackboards in addition to having the utility of a blackboard provide elegance as a decorative element, VidresWeb glass blackboards are glass cut to size that adapt perfectly to your space, which can be purchased in the VidresWeb online store.

Smooth Bezel Screw Cap

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Tempered Glass

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Monolithic Glass

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In VidresWeb online store you will find the glasses and accessories to use as blackboards. There are two types of glass blackboards, which are glued to the wall with silicone or can be placed in an aluminum or wooden frame and the tempered glass blackboards hung with hardware.

These are our recommendations:

Glass blackboards glued with silicone:

Glass blackboards fastened with hardware:

It can be hung horizontally or vertically, always as you need. We recommend using whiteboard markers as they are easy to clean. The blackboards are made of glass, they are available in various colors.

VidresWeb recommends for offices, youth rooms, kitchens, shops and hotels.

Glass Blackboards support blank writing. They are decorative, both for their colors and for the quality of their shine.

These glass recommendations for blackboard are based on the experience of VidresWeb, this does not mean that you cannot use other glasses that you can buy in other sections of VidresWeb.

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