Applications: glass for Photography

GLASS FOR PHOTOGRAPHY is cut to size glass can buy in the VidresWeb online store. In this section of glass for photography you can find our recommendations for this type of application.

To photograph birds, to photograph wild animals and all kinds of objects.

Monolithic Glass

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On the one hand we have the thin spy glass, Reflectasol, which subtracts little more than one diaphragm of light and allows you to photograph at very tight angles with almost no loss of quality. It should be as fine as possible to subtract the minimum light, which is usually about one and a half stops. In some cases, mirror or spy glasses have a very warm dominant that we must counteract with the proper balance in the camera.

On the other hand we have the laminated spy glass, which is a safety glass, it also isolates the sound. Its color being thicker, 4 + 4 mm, makes it darker, and you have to adjust the diaphragm a little more.

In both options, both the security spy glass and the thin spy glass do not allow the birds to see our movements inside the hide if it is dark inside. Either way it is the most enjoyable and comfortable way to photograph wildlife ever.

Extra-clear glass: It is a float glass manufactured according to the same procedure as colorless glass but characterized by its low iron oxide content, which gives it absolute transparency, which gives it magnificent aesthetic and optical characteristics.

For very thick crystals, the greenish appearance is considerably attenuated. It is a versatile glass as it is intended for many applications:

  • Glass for Museums and exhibitions: to show and protect the object without modifying the colors.
  • Glass where perfect ultraviolet ray transmission is required.
  • Glass for photography Product catalogs: photograph on it, allowing it to be almost imperceptible and does not take away the prominence of the photographed object.

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