Applications: Glass for Pictures frames

GLASSES FOR PICTURES. At VidresWeb we sell all kinds of cut to size glass, in this section of glass for pictures and photo frames. You will find our main recommendations.

Monolithic Glass - Thickness 2 mm - Type and color Transparent

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Monolithic Glass - Thickness 2 mm - Type and color Velglass

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Monolithic Glass - Thickness 3 mm - Type and color Transparent

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In this section of glasses for photo frames and pictures, we recommend some of the glasses that you can buy in the VidresWeb online store. They can be mounted on black, white and colored frames.

These glasses are normally characterized by their fineness, VidresWeb recommends:
2mm thick transparent monolithic glass for photo frames and small paintings
3mm thick transparent monolithic glass for large pictures and photo frames
- Anti-reflective glass for framing that combines the best protection against UV rays with the best transparency, request information at

In the VidresWeb online store we also have anti-reflective glasses, in this way the glass does not reflect light and you have a better view of the content of the painting.
Monolithic glass Velglass 2mm thick, anti-reflective glass.

These are the glass recommendations for pictures and photo frames, based on the experience of the VidresWeb online store.

UV protected and anti-reflective glass

We have anti-reflective glass for framing that combines the best protection against UV rays and the best transparency. With these types of glass, works of art and delicate objects are perfectly exposed and protected, following the highest quality standards.

We recommend this conservation glass for those framing jobs where maximum protection against UV rays is required along with the best transparency. Ideal for perceiving color and clarity with optimal UV protection, in the most natural way.

If you think that the glasses we recommend do not meet your needs, you can consult other sections of VidresWeb where you will find a very wide range of glasses or contact us at

Recommendation for Cleaning Anti-Reflective Products

Fingermarks and dirt can be removed with an ammonia-free aqueous solution, a neutral or low alkaline window cleaner without abrasive additives, and a clean, dry, soft cotton microfiber cloth. A mixture of isopropanol and water can also be used as a cleaning agent.

DO NOT use the following products:
- Do not use strong alkalis, acids, fluoride detergents, solvents, as they will destroy the coating.
- Do not use detergents with mechanical devices (eg sand) or any mechanical machinery.
- Do not use blades. Steel blades can damage the surface and cause scratches
- Do not use rags, tools and cleaning detergents that scratch or erode the glass.