Glass Floor

Glass Floor

The glass and accessories recommended to use as floor, depend on where you install, so we cannot make general recommendations. Complete the inquiry form and we will send to you our recommendations. (You can find all available glass types sorted in the glass section)

In the current architecture floors tall and modern buildings are coated in glass. In these buildings the natural light is the protagonist and is regarded as a key element that brings life to your space. We see glass floors in all types of buildings, offices, shopping malls, stations, airports, hospitals and public buildings.

Vidres Web, offers the widest range of glass floors with a high resistance to scratching and anti-slip treatments for indoor or outdoor use, making these elegant and safe areas.

The anti-slip glass flooring are laminated or tempered safety glass, are suitable for soils that are noted for their decorative versatility. There are two types of slip ways: through transparent or translucent slip printing, for indoor and outdoor. Both options can be combined with translucent or colored sheets.

The elegant glass floors cause sensations that make the space unique.

Applications: flooring, stairs, walkways, pools, walkable roofs, walkways, areas where we want to light, etc.


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