Glass Wall covering

Glass Wall covering

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Glass cut to size, that are for sale in the online shop to use for coating Vidresweb walls.

The online store offers Vidresweb paragraph glass wall covering a selection of ideal crystals to use for coating walls, this is a quick and inexpensive way to coat and waterproof walls. In Vidreweb you can buy the glass cut to size you need, glasses of different colors and thicknesses, with finishes ideal to use glass as a wall coating. The glass wall covering is ideal for coating walls of bathrooms and kitchens, giving an easy waterproof uniform smooth surface and to clean and very resistant to all kinds of cleaning products, if you use a colored glass , glass hidden defect wall. Glass is very easy to install, requires no work, just stick to the wall with silicone. These recommendations for wall coverings crystals are based on our experience, this does not mean that they can not use other crystals that are not in this section Vidresweb.

To the front of the fires, we recommend putting Tempered Glass 5mm minimum, the temperature must hold the glass in this area. For very large walls are made of several parts, aesthetically looks better if you do not break any run out the entire slab and the issue of handling, installation and transportation.


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