Applications: Glass Wall Covering


At VidresWeb you will find cut-to-size glass to cover walls. In this section we offer a selection of glass ideal for wall covering. This is a quick way to cover and waterproof walls, with glass of different colors and thicknesses, with the ideal finishes to use as a wall covering.

Monolithic Glass

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The glass wall covering is ideal for bathroom and kitchen walls, giving a smooth, uniform and waterproof surface, very easy to clean and very resistant to all types of cleaning products.

If you use colored glass, it will hide any damage to the wall.

For fire fronts, we recommend putting Tempered Glass of 5 mm, minimum, best 6 mm white tempered glass, due to the temperature that the Glass must withstand in this area. The tempered glass wall covering can be made with holes, ready to install by SMOOTH BEZEL SCREW CAP or screws.

For very large walls we recommend doing it in several pieces, aesthetically it is better and if one breaks, the entire plate should not be changed.

If your glass to cover the wall needs holes for the plugs or cable glands, you should send us by email to

  • glass type glass
  • finishes glass
  • measurements
  • hole measurements and quantity
  • Province, and we will pass the price.

This type of glass is very easy to install, it does not need any type of work, it simply sticks to the wall with silicone.

These glass recommendations for Wall Coverings are based on our experience, this does not mean that you cannot use other glass that are not in this section.

If you need any product for Wall Covering that you do not see in this section, do not hesitate to contact us at