Applications: COVID protection Glass

VidresWeb has a wide range of glass to use as anti-COVID19 screens, the advantage of using cut to size glass with respect to other materials is that we can clean them with all kinds of chemical agents to guarantee their disinfection without being damaged or losing their appearance. They give a modern solid image and together with the perfect fixing systems, which do not offer an image of provisionality.

Laminated Glass - Type and color Transparent - Thickness Laminated 3+3

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Tempered Glass - Thickness 6 mm - Type and color Transparent

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If you need a professional image and good protection, do not hesitate to use a cut to size glass.

VidresWeb recommends using tempered glass and laminated glass for this application, both glasses are safety glasses, thereby protecting the user in the event of breakage.

These are our recommendations:

In VidresWeb there are many fittings that can be used to fix the glass, depending on the place you will have to choose one or the other.

Some recommendations:

VidresWeb makes general recommendations for tempered glass and laminated glass, this does not mean that other glasses can be used, check our VidresWeb online store to find other types of glass, if in doubt, contact us at and our customer service will advise you on the most suitable glass for your application.