Applications: Glass for Fireplaces

In the VidresWeb online store, we have a special section for glass for stoves, fireplaces and peepholes. We have two types of glass for this use, a high temperature resistant glass vitroceramic known as Neoceram and a borosilicate glass known as Pyrex, these two types of glass can be purchased at VidresWeb.

Boro-silicate Glass (Pyrex) - Type and color Transparent - Pyrex Thickness 3,3

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Neoceram - Thickness 4 mm - Type and color Transparent - Brown

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Neoceram - Thickness 5 mm - Type and color Transparent - Brown

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Neoceram glass has the main property that it does not have expansion up to 750ºC, without any expansion. and this makes this type of glass ideal for repairing stoves and fireplaces in case the glass breaks.

VidresWeb recommends for stoves and fireplaces:

Neoceram glass 4 mm thick

For applications where the temperature is lower or more transparency is needed, such as sight glasses for ovens or diesel stoves, VidresWeb recommends:

3.3mm thick borosilicate glass

Vitroceramic glass is recommended by manufacturers of fireplaces and stoves. For fireplace door. It is a glass capable of withstanding the greatest thermal stresses, maintaining the appearance and transparency of a normal glass. It is the ultimate solution to keep fire where it belongs.

NEOCERAM main advantages:

  • Unalterable to heat.
  • Withstands thermal shock up to 800 ºC.
  • Full transparency.
  • Easy cleaning. A damp cloth is enough to remove the traces of soot or ash, even with the glass hot.
  • NEOCERAM knows no limits other than those of manufacturing. Any size of window is possible in one piece.

Main advantages of BOROSILICATE GLASS:

  • It's extra clear
  • Very resistant to strong acids, saline solutions, chlorine, bromide, iodine and organic materials.
  • It resists up to 450ºC continuously and 500ºC less than 10 hours.
  • This glass is also known as Pyrex

If you have any questions about how to use this type of glass, the experts at the VidresWeb online store specializing in the sale of cut-to-size glass will give you the necessary support to use this glass in the most appropriate and safe way.