Build your own bathroom screen

Glass and accessories recommended to use as shower screens, whether it is by a 100% glass screen, or if the glass is held by a stainless steel U.

The glass to use for shower / bathroom screens, Vidres Web recommends 2 types, depending on how you want to hold them:

    • Tempered glasses, these glasses can be fastened with hardware and can be made sliding doors or swing doors, they are light and modern. The hinged doors have 2 notches for the 2 hinges and a hole for the knob, and the sliding doors have 2 holes for the hardware, so Tempered Glass is ideal for this type of application.
      2 hinges are required for Tempered Glass in bathrooms:
      For Tempered Glass thickness of 6 mm
      Stainless steel bathroom hinge reference 01922.10PB
      For Tempered Glass thickness 8 and 10 mm
      Stainless steel bathroom hinge reference 01922PB
      Tempered glass partition door knob
      Double metal mestral knob for glass from 6 to 12 mm reference 42901pb
    • Laminated glass, these glasses will be fastened with a stainless steel U, they are usually for fixed glass.
      U in stainless steel for fixed glass
      15x15x15 stainless steel U
      For glass of different thickness, consult

In the Vidres Web store, you can buy tempered glass and all the necessary hardware online. The recommended fittings for bathrooms are those that are made of Stainless Steel, since they withstand humidity better.

If you want any combination that you cannot find on the web, consult at

You can also buy the most suitable cut-to-size glass, be it laminated glass, monolithic glass, and tempered glass, to place on your screen as you need.

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