Applications: Glass for Windows

In Glass for Window you will find cut to size glass and accessories for windows, from glass to repair an old window to double glaced glass to improve the insulation of your windows.

Double Glazed Glass

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Monolithic Glass

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If you want to improve the insulation of your windows you must use a double glaced glass, here you must be clear about what type of insulation you need and what thickness of glass your window supports.

For VidresWeb the basic glass for a window is:

Double Glaced Glass transparent 4/6/4  with a total thickness of 14 mm, 4/6/4 means a 4 mm glass, a 6 mm air chamber and another 4 mm glass, the central number always indicates the thickness of the air chamber.

If we want to improve the thermal and acoustic insulation without increasing the price much, we can use:

Double Glaced Glass  transparent 4/10/5 with a total thickness of 19 mm, the increased thickness of the air chamber by 10 mm improves thermal insulation and the use of glass of different thickness improves thermal and acoustic insulation.

To have an excellent acoustic insulation we can use:

Double Glaced Glass transparent anti-noise 4/10/3 + 3 with a total thickness of 20 mm, this glass has a laminated glass with the butyral sheet with anti-noise properties in addition to having a difference in the thickness of the glass sheets.

To have a good insulation against solar radiation we can use:

Double Glaced Glass Selective transparent 4/10/4 with a total thickness of 18 mm, this glass reduces the passage of infrared light.

To repair old windows it will depend a lot on the thickness that the window admits, normally we will use:

3mm thick transparent monolithic glass.

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