Applications: Glass Wall Partitions

Glass and accessories recommended to be used as partition walls, whether it is for a 100% glass wall without frames, or if the glass is held by a stainless steel U or by an aluminum or wood frame. It can be a complete wall to make rooms or they are partial separations of workspaces or environments.

Laminated Glass

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At VidresWeb you can buy online all kinds of cut to size glass to make dividing walls. 2 methods can be used to make glass partition walls:

Fasten the glass with fittings, for this we must use tempered glass, which at VidresWeb we have a wide range in our online store.

At VidresWeb, we have a wide range of tempered glass to be used as dividing walls, when using tempered glass, these glasses can be fastened with hardware allowing light separations without any type of frame and with very little installation. Tempered glasses have a high resistance and in case the glass breaks it crumbles into very small pieces, totally harmless, which is why they are considered safety glasses.

These are our recommendations:

Fasten the glass with frames or stainless steel U frames, for this we can use laminated glass, which in the VidresWeb online store we have a wide range. To make partition walls fastened with a stainless steel U or with wooden or aluminum frames, VidresWeb recommends using laminated glass, the great advantage of using laminated glass is that these glasses are safety and in case of breaking they remain glued to the sheet of BUTYRAL interior without falling to the ground and being only cracked. To securely hold the glass using a stainless steel U, stainless steel U were placed on the floor, walls and ceiling, sealing with silicone the free space between the stainless steel U and the glass.

These are our recommendations:

The VidresWeb store in this section makes general recommendations for tempered glass and laminated glass, this does not mean that other glasses can be used, see other sections of the VidresWeb store to find other types of glass, if in doubt contact us at and our technicians advise you on the most suitable glass for your application.