Applications: Glass Shelves

GLASS SHELVES AND RACKS, are custom cut to size glass, which can be purchased at the VidresWeb online store. In this section of glass to use as glass shelves, you will find the recommendations of the VidresWeb online store.

Monolithic Glass

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Support rectangular shelf glass thickness 8 / 10mm Ref. 00803PB

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They can be used from tempered glass fixed with hardware to laminated glass, to give greater security in case it breaks. The glass can be transparent, smoked glass, glass of different colors or it can even be engraved (Clarglass) to prevent the objects we put on it from slipping. These recommendations for glass shelves and are based on the experience of VidresWeb, here are some recommendations:

If you need to install in a public place or with children, we recommend using a safety glass such as tempered glass or laminated glass, here are some recommendations:    

This does not mean that you cannot use other glasses that you can buy on VidresWeb, for any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at