Demister for mirrors
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Demister for mirrors

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      The anti-fog mirrors Heater is a technologically advanced, safe and simple solution. Designed especially to avoid water condensation on the mirrors are ideal for bathing four product ..

      Flexible and manufactured with double layer of electrical insulation (high security) and Nichrome "(as hard as steel) that evenly distributes heat multitude of thermal lines and also has a long life.

      We suggest that the fog cover between 50% and 90% of the mirror surface and always in central areas.

      Reaches 38º C.

      Having dry mirror, lengthen its life, moisture avoid corrosion.

      Functions and properties of the plate demister mirrors
      Flat film does not take up space.
      Self-adhesive for convenient installation directly onto the back of the mirror.
      It connects to existing electrical circuit and operates automatically when the light comes on in the room.

      APPLICATIONS: Accessories for bathroom mirrors fog.

      It is served installed in mirrors purchased at (Optional)
      You must tell us if the mirror is vertical, Option A, or horizontal, Option B. (See product photos)

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      Demister for mirrors

      Demister for mirrors


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