Double glazed 3+3/10/4+4
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Double glazed 3+3/10/4+4

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      IMPORTANT: All the glasses we send with industrial polished edges to prevent accidents.

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      Double glazed glass made by 2 laminated glass sheets, one 6 mm thick (3+3) and other 8 mm thick (4+4), with air chamber of 10 mm

      The progressive increase in the thickness of the camera provides a reduction gradual thermal transmittance.

      Applications: Doors with frame, windows.

      There is the possibility to order larger sizes.
      Budget Request. Maximum measurements 3200x2400 mm

      IMPORTANTWhen taking measurements, use a quality meter, if not, there may be differences between the measurements you take and the dimensions of the product we send to you.

      Glass is a very fragile material can not be tight in rigid frames. To avoid breaks do to the expansion, the glass always must measure both width and height less than 4 mm of the position where it should be installed. The remaining free space must be refilled with silicone.

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      Type of glassDouble glassed


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      Double glazed 3+3/10/4+4

      Double glazed 3+3/10/4+4

      Double glazed 3+3/10/4+4

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