Vidres Web, S.L. is a company specialist in the world of flat glass, we are a team of professionals with long experience in this industry, we have teamed up to offer a high quality products and service customized for each client. We can provide all kinds of glass pieces that you need, with the finish that you need, we have a wide range of accessories, so you do not miss anything.

In addition, if you decide that you want to do the installation yourself, we can provide the necessary  tools for a successful installation with safety.

We offer two options:

- You take the measurements yourself, and we send you everything you need, so you can install yourself.
- Let one of our experts come to your home, take the measurements and then come later to install it, so you do not have to worry about anything.

IMPORTANT: All the glasses we send with industrial polished edges to prevent accidents.


When taking measurements, use a quality meter, if it can be calibrated better, if not, there may be differences between the measurements you take and the dimensions of the product we send to you, our measuring equipment are calibrated by approved bodies.

Glass is a very fragile material can not be tight in rigid frames. To avoid breaks do to the expansion, the glass always must measure both width and height less than 4 mm of the position where it should be installed. The remaining free space must be refilled with silicone because it is a material that absorbs the expansion.

The glass breaks easily and is dangerous, can easily cause cuts if the edges are not polished. It is advisable to wear gloves to handle glass without polished edges.

If you are unsure of the size, we can send a technician that will take the measurements for you, so you always have the most suitable glass.