Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is made up of two or more monolithic glass sheets joined together by interposing sheets of plastic material (polyvinyl butyral PVB or ethyl-vinyl acetate EVA).

In the event of breakage, the pieces of glass remain attached to the butyral, preventing its detachment and preventing it from passing through it. For this reason it is a double security glass, since it prevents injuries to people and damage to nearby objects, as well as the passage through it, which in turn prevents theft. The more sheets of glass make up the laminated glass, the safer it is.

For glass with more than two sheets, contact us. Laminated glass is practically indistinguishable from monolithic glass with the same thickness, thereby adding beauty and light to any commercial or residential space.

Glass cut to size.

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Laminated Glass Rectangular

Laminated Glass Circular


Width m cm mm

Maximum dimensions: o
If you modify the selected thickness, the maximum allowed dimensions may change.

Height m cm mm

Maximum dimensions: o
If you modify the selected thickness, the maximum allowed dimensions may change.

Type and color
Laminated Glass Transparent Type and color Transparent

Laminated Glass Transparent

Fully transparent glass with a very light shade greenish.

Laminated Glass Matte Type and color Matte

Laminated Glass Matte

Slightly opaque and slightly white glass.

Laminated Glass Spy Glass Type and color Spy Glass

Laminated Glass Spy Glass

It is used to separate two areas with different luminosities for surveillance purposes, since it allows you to see without being seen, from a dark place to a light place.

Laminated Glass Polar White Type and color Polar White

Laminated Glass Polar White

Transparent white glass.

Laminated Glass Absolute Black Type and color Absolute Black

Laminated Glass Absolute Black

Transparent black glass.

Laminated Glass Yellow Type and color Yellow

Laminated Glass Yellow

Transparent yellow glass.

Laminated Glass Orange Type and color Orange

Laminated Glass Orange

Transparent orange glass.

Laminated Glass Blue Type and color Blue

Laminated Glass Blue

Transparent blue glass.

Laminated Glass Red Type and color Red

Laminated Glass Red

Transparent red glass.

Laminated Glass Extra Clear Optic Type and color Extra Clear Optic

Laminated Glass Extra Clear Optic

Glass without iron oxides that makes it especially transparent, without the traditional greenish color of the glass.

Laminated Glass Anti Slip .dot Type and color Anti Slip .dot

Laminated Glass Anti Slip .dot

Transparent glass with points that makes it anti-slip.

Laminated Glass Anti Slip Matte Type and color Anti Slip Matte

Laminated Glass Anti Slip Matte

Glass with a non-slip treatment, which reduces its transparency.

Thickness Laminated

Laminated Glass 3+3

Laminated Glass 4+4

Laminated Glass 5+5

Laminated Glass 6+6

Laminated Glass 8+8

Laminated Glass Polished edge Edges Polished edge

Laminated Glass Polished edge

Laminated Glass Normal Corners Normal

Laminated Glass Normal

Laminated Glass Bunt Corners Bunt

Laminated Glass Bunt

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Transparent Laminate 3+3 mm polished edges Glass

Safety glass formed by two monolithic glass sheets of 3 mm each, joined by an intermediate film of transparent PVB.

The total thickness of this glass is 6 mm.


The transparent butyral sheet does not take away the luminosity of the glass. Laminated glass consists of two or more sheets of float glass monolithic intimately connected to interposing sheets of plastic material (polyvinyl butyral PVB or EVA ethyl vinyl acetate).

If you break the glass pieces are attached to giving security butyral people and avoiding the passage through it. This way you can get very high glass thickness (from several centimeters) with a high mechanical strength and impact (bulletproof glass).

Recommended for public places, gyms, swimming pools, offices.

Applications: Safety glass. Touchscreens. Entrance door windows. Wood, PVC and aluminum windows. Framed interior doors. Furniture.

IMPORTANT: When taking measurements, use a quality meter, if not, there may be differences between the measurements you take and the dimensions of the product we send to you. Glass is a very fragile material can not be tight in rigid frames. To avoid breaks do to the expansion, the glass always must measure both width and height less than 4 mm of the position where it should be installed. The remaining free space must be refilled with silicone.

Laminated safety glass for use in building and construction work
Essential Features AVCP Systems
For uses related to safety in case of fire:
Fire resistance 1 NDP
Reaction to fire 3.4 NDP
Behavior performance against external fire 3.4 NDP
For use as bulletproof or blast-proof glazing
Bullet resistance 1 NDP
Explosion resistance 1 NDP
For uses likely to present risks of "safety in use" subject to the corresponding regulations
Resistance to aggression 3 NDP
Pendulum body impact resistance 3 2B2
Resistance to sudden variations in temperature and differential temperatures K 4 40K
Resistance to wind and snow loads, and to permanent and imposed loads mm 4 6
For uses related to noise reduction
Direct airborne sound insulation dB 3 33 (-1;-2)
For uses related to energy saving
Emissivity 3 0.89
U Value W/(m².K) 3 NDP
Light transmission 3 89.71
Light reflection 3 0.08/0.08
Solar energy transmission 3 79.51
Reflection of solar energy 3 0.7/0.7
Coefficient g 3 0.83
Durability 3 Pass
NPD : Benefit Not Determined


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Laminated Glass

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When you take the measurements, use a quality meter; If not, there may be differences between the measurements you take and the ones we send you. Glass is a very fragile material so it cannot be very tight to rigid frames.

To prevent it from breaking due to expansion, the glass should always measure 4 mm less than the place where it should be installed, both in width and height. The space that remains free must be filled with silicone.


Select the most suitable length and width for your needs. If you need measurements larger than the accepted maximums, contact us.

Select the most suitable length and width for your needs. If you need measurements larger than the accepted maximums, contact us.