Glazed vinyl
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Glazed vinyl

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      You selected 1000mm

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      IMPORTANT: All the glasses we send with industrial polished edges to prevent accidents.

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      The adhesive sheet to effect acid crystals, windows, railings, lets in light, creates intimacy in offices, homes and storefronts. Buy Vidres Web vinyl measures that need.

      The vinyl acid to cover supercie glass of a door or kitchen window, showcase your business, interior dividers in offices, .... Give the same effect as a glaze glass. It makes the glass loses its transparency, but allows light (translucent).

      It gives you a touch of privacy you need, allowing be a substitute for the curtains.

      It can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

      - Are easy placement.
      - Can be washed with soap and water.

      If you want a picture to acid vinyl cover glass, contact Vidres Web, via e-mail

      Then you can select the size of the glass where you want to put vinyl. 

      We can customize your design to fit your windows. The part of the picture that we can ask is cut on the vinyl, so it is completely transparent. We have letters of the alphabet, standard

      It takes effect frosted glass.

      Application: To place on glass doors, windows, glass railings, Bath Screen, or any glass.

      IMPORTANT: We recommend adding one centimeter more, about the real measure for once placed the vinyl trim the excess with a cutter. When taking measurements, use a quality meter, if not, there may be differences between the measurements you take and the dimensions of the product we send to you.

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      Glazed vinyl

      Glazed vinyl

      Glazed vinyl

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