Monolitic glass 4 mm

Monolitic glass 4 mm

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Monolithic glass 4 mm thick. Recommended for use in wall covering, blackboards glued with silicone and mirrors. There is a wide range of colors.

APPLICATIONS: Covering walls of kitchens and bathrooms, Blackboard. VidresWeb recommended for offices, youth rooms, kitchens, shops and restaurants.

In this group of glasses, a special glass for fireplaces, stoves, ovens, or place with glass door, which have to withstand high temperatures. This crystal will find at the bottom of this page, is the Monolithic Glass 4mm Neoceram.
Ceramic glass resistant to high temperatures, Neoceram, this glass its main property is that it has no expansion up to 800°C. This is a ceramic glass gives this resistance to temperature. Ceramic glass (Neoceram) 4 mm thick. The glass ceramic is recommended by the manufacturer of fireplaces and stoves.


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