Frameworks to Measure

Frameworks to Measure

In VidresWeb, we work with the best manufacturers of moldings for your Marcos, wood and aluminum to satisfy any need framing: we offer classical moldings, painted moldings, rustic trim, moldings gold leaf moldings silver leaf, moldings of different colors, etc.

- We have classic and modern models
- Different mounting systems
- Facili and quick system to switch images
- With glass on one side, or with glass on both sides, so that you can see the back of your Diploma, T ...

In them you can frame your photographs, drawings, Diplomas, Orlas ... With care and work is also going to be able to frame their work Crux Point, Rug, seams or any craft.

VidresWeb Frameworks are suitable to decorate their rooms; study, hallway, bathroom, habitacioón, hall and lounge.

In VidresWeb, we can send the assembled frame, so that you finish in your home, office, work, home, or if you prefer, send us whatever you want to frame and send it all over. You choose!


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