Glass table Pallet

Glass table Pallet

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In the store you can buy online VidresWeb crystals cut to size for use as a tabletop made from pallets.

The online store offers VidresWeb in this section are recommended for use as table made with pallets, in VidresWeb can buy the glass cut to size you need with the finishes ideal for use as a protective glass table made with pallets glasses. The protective glass table made with pallets is ideal for the modern finish at our table made with pallets, you can also use a colored glass or smoked to disguise flaws that have aged pallets, such as coffee tables.

These recommendations glasses for desktops pallets being made based on our experience, this does not mean that you can not use other crystals that are not in this section VidresWeb.

Choose Polished Edge, if you have to see, will be better finish. Polished Cantos Industrial, if glass embedded in a framework and Cantos should not be or would like a matte display. 

Making a table with a wooden pallet
Once chosen and found a pallet of adequate measures for our room, or the room you want, we follow the steps of treating the wood pallet previously. Sanded without dust apply a primer.
When dry, sand lightly on all sides, and apply two coats of paint or varnish chosen.
If you want an aged appearance, you have to dye the wax with bitumen or buy a paint prepared to give this finish.
Let dry.
Rub with a cotton cloth (lint).
Once finished, we place large wheels or a wooden legs that can be tacos separation of another pallet.
It is a piece of furniture, with a finish to your liking, to all environments, both modern and rustic suits.


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