Monolithic glass 3 mm

Monolithic glass 3 mm

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Float glass 3 mm thick.

Is common glass and is called " annealing " or float, terms that refer to its manufacturing process.

The float glass is a glass plate manufactured by floating the molten glass on molten tin layer. This method gives the glass a uniform thickness and a very flat surface. He also called flat glass.

It may be colorless , which is the common glass used commercially and found in thicknesses from 2 to 25 mm , colored or translucent glass with low content of iron oxides and especially sharp widely used particularly in bathroom furniture and interior decoration.

The monolithic glass 3 mm thick, recommended to use in mirrors.

Monolithic glass of 4 mm thickness. Glass-ceramic glass resistant to high temperatures, Neoceram, this glass its main property is that it has no expansion up to 800 °C. This is a glass ceramic which gives the resistance to temperature. Glass ceramic ( Neoceram ) 4 mm thick. The glass ceramic is recommended by the manufacturer of fireplaces and stoves.


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