Glass for Stoves and Fireplaces

Glass for Stoves and Fireplaces

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Glass resistant to very high temperatures without any expansion. Neoceran Glass.

Glass for fireplaces, ceramic glass. Ceramic glass (Neoceram) 4 mm thick. The glass ceramic is recommended by the manufacturer of fireplaces and stoves. It is a glass capable of withstanding higher thermal loads, while maintaining the transparency and appearance of a normal glass. It is the ultimate solution to keep the fire where it belongs.

Main advantages of NEOCERAM:

- Unaffected by heat.
- Supports thermal shock up to 800 º C.
- Full Transparency.
- Easy cleaning. A damp cloth is enough to remove traces of soot or ash, even with the hot glass.
- NEOCERAM knows no limits of own manufacture. Any window size is possible in a single piece.


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