Applications: Glass Floor

FLOOR GLASS: Glass cut to size recommended for use as flooring, which are sold in the VidresWeb online store.

In the VidresWeb glass online store, we recommend glass based on our extensive experience to use as floors. As the areas to be covered with glass floors are highly variable, the glass recommended here are glass that can normally be used as floors, but can vary widely depending on where the glass floor should be installed. The glasses to be used as floors are walkable and can be non-slip.

Laminated Glass

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In today's architecture, the floors of large, modern buildings are covered in glass. In these buildings, natural light is the protagonist and is considered a fundamental element that brings life to their spaces.

We see glass floors in all types of buildings, in offices, in shopping centers, in stations, in airports, in hospitals and in public buildings. Vidres Web offers you the widest range of glass floors with a high resistance to scratches and with anti-slip treatments for interior or exterior use, making these areas elegant and safe.

The non-slip floor glasses are laminated glass, they are indicated for floors that stand out for their decorative versatility. There are two types of non-slip forms: through transparent or translucent non-slip screen printing, for interior and exterior. Both options can be combined with translucent or colored sheets. The glass pavements provoke elegant sensations, which make the space unique.

Applications: floors, stairs, walkways, swimming pools, walkable ceilings, walkways, areas where we want to give light, etc.

Here are our recommendations based on the following conditions:

  • The glass must be supported on all 4 sides with a minimum support of 20mm along each side.
  • The glass must be supported on a rubber.
  • Space to cover up to 1 m2 maximum weight allowed on glass is 300kg / m2 for a security level S1 (Office floors, private houses)
  • Space to be covered up to 0.7 m2 maximum weight allowed on glass is 400kg / m2 for a security level S2 (floors of conference rooms, theaters, shopping centers)
  • Space to cover up to 0.55 m2 maximum weight allowed on the glass is 500kg / m2 for a security level S3 (floors for workshops with light machines)

These are the glass:

If you have questions, contact us at and if you attach a plan of the area where the glass is installed, VidresWeb will recommend the most suitable glass.