Type of glass 

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In Vidresweb can buy crystals, cut to size, high quality, our custom-cut crystals very carefully, to ensure the perfect fit. In the online store you can buy glass cut Vidresweb as all kinds, crystals can have different finishes: glass with polished edge industryglass with polished edgeblunt glasses with different diameters.

In the online store you can buy crystals Vidresweb tempered glass with holes and lace, just attach a drawing with measurements in the contact form.

In Vidresweb online store there are many types of crystal and glass with many finishes, but you may not find the desired type of glass or glass finish you need, or maybe you need a glass with a special, if you contact us safe we can give you the crystals you need.

In the online store you will find the crystals vidresweb classified by types of glass ( laminated glass, tempered glass, glass with air chamber and monolithic crystals) and thickness, we also classified by application crystals ( glass for doors, window panes, glass for tables, glass for shower screens, glass wall covering, glass aquarium, glass for fireplace, glass for partition walls, glass roof, glass for balustrades, glass for windows, glass flooring, glass elevator ). Vidresweb, offers a tecnical service.

Vidresweb's online store, has expert staff can advise you in choosing the type of glass that best suits your needs. Vidresweb 's online store, has a trained service by very professional and experienced, to come and install the glass cut to size, you've purchased Vidresweb.